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Tiger Walk by Dianne Hofmeyr

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One day Tom draws a tiger, it turns out to be the beginning of a magical life-changing adventure as the tiger helps Tom to overcome some of the biggest fears.

Tom feels the tigery breath against his cheek.

" Let's go for a walk", the tiger purrs.

" But it's night time. And it's very dark!," whispers Tom.

" Tigers aren't scared of the dark. Besides there's a moon. Climb up. Hold tight."

And so Tom ventures off with the tiger into the night and into the forest.

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A stunningly beautiful book by Dianne Hofmeyr and illustrated superbly by Jesse Hodgson, from the publishers Otter-Barry.

This book will help to dispel fears, bring pleasure to dreams and children will love the pictures. The tiger manages to look powerful, determined but safe and helpful. Whether you could put all your trust in him... well that's what makes this story magical.

Great new book and recommended for many nights of reading.

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