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Alanna Books

Image 2Alanna Books is an independent publisher, founded in 2006, and has a number of titles that are beautifully delivered, with a real understanding of children and parents.

They are just the sort of publisher we love! Their latest book is Zeki Loves Baby Club, written by Anna McQuinn and illustrated by Ruth Hearson.

A story for everyone, families are the same the world over.Image 1

It's about all the things that babies find good fun as they develop and increase understanding. The book is full of information for parents too, with rhymes and words to join in with. As well as all that.... the book is a joy to hold and explore. Inside the covers, there's information in small sound bytes about language and communication, stories and reading. It make sit a great book for parents and for Early Years settings too.

You can find more details about the work of Anna McQuinn here on her Amazon page, including details of this great title.

Sue Martin

Pioneer in Children's Literacy and Early Years Consultant

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