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Mr Chicken All Over Australia by Leigh Hobbs

‘Hmmm,’ said the marsupial studying the map.

Quite doable, but we’d better get going right away.’

Mr Chicken was always ready for adventure, so off they went.

A wonderful book from Leigh Hobbs of all the places that Mr Chicken could have possibly have ever visited in that huge country of Australia. Never daunted Mr Chicken just gets straight on in there, visiting, stopping for lunch and dinner, going to all the famous places and many others beside.

From Wallaroo to Pinnaro, from Goondiwindi to Mataranka (spell check can take a break here!) and of course Sydney, Queensland and Tassie (that’s Tasmania to you and I from the UK!) and did I mention Melbourne, or isn’t that where Mr Chicken is from?

This is a great book and makes wonderful reading for children and adults too, with the amazing illustrations, which are true Leigh Hobbs style, published by Allen and Unwin

The book is dedicated to the many children, teachers and librarians Leigh Hobbs met as the 2016-2017 Australian Children’s Laureate.

Thoroughly recommended for children of all ages and for adults too. In the school, library and at home this a wonderful read and an adventure across Australia.

So join Mr Chicken on his latest adventure and be sure to book your ticket on Qantas!!


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