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Leah’s Star by Margaret Bateson-Hill and illustrated by Karin Littlewood

Bethlehem has never been so busy, Leah is the innkeeper's daughter and is rushed off her feet.

Then in the starlight miracles begin to happen.  This is a beautiful , fresh, new telling to the Nativity Story through the eyes of a young girl. It brings wonderful humanity to the Nativity story. In Bethlehem today, there will be young girls just like Leah walking through the streets star gazing.

"Leah reached her own street. But suddenly, she stopped quite still. A great silver star was shining right above her home."

The story is written for everyone and not just for those who believe in the Nativity story. There is a message of hope, peace and love, threaded throughout, and we all sometimes need to find that in a little space, whether  a stable or somewhere else.

The author Margaret Bateson-Hill is a famous children's author , including her series of Dragon Racer. The illustrator Karin Littlewood has a huge collection of children's book illustrations including The Colour of Home.

Alanna Max are the publishers and have a fantastic portfolio of beautiful books alive with diversity.

The last page in Leah's Star has a powerful message of love and knowing ...but I will leave that for you to find.

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