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I See, I See. by R.Henderson

I See, I See is a book of perspectives, you can read it either left to right or right to left. The effect is intriguing and is written as  a playful, rhyming call-and-answer conversation between two readers.

Each person views the page from a different perspective: I see water, I see sky, I see swimming, I see fly!

The story and pictures can be read right way up and upside down.

An innovative book which will delight young children who  will love to turn the book into different angles to see how it changes with different meanings.

Robert Henderson is the author and illustrator with a graphic design background that make perfect synergy in this book, I See, I See. He lives in Brisbane, Australia with his partner and two young children  and I feel sure we will see much more of his work in the future.

Allen and Unwin are the publishers and I See, I See joins their excellent portfolio of books for young children.

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