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The Astronaut’s Cat by Tohby Riddle

‘The astronaut's cat is an inside cat. And she likes it like that.’

Good reason, too as she lives on the moon. So I guess no mice?

This is a great story and I would love to share with young children as the whole concept of inside and outside are in every page. Why would cat want to go outside if there is no air? Why would she want to go outside when it is so hot in the day and so cold at night? Definitely best to stay inside.

Then Cat dreams and in her dreams, she is outside on the Moon leaping and pouncing and looking at a blue planet in the sky from time to time. On that planet she dreams that she could go outside and meet with other creatures too. But this is only a dream and she curls up next to her astronaut at the end of the day.

A wonderfully whimsical, funny and surprising story of a very unusual 'inside cat' - by one of Australia's finest picture-book creators. Perfect for readers who are intrigued or inspired by the landscapes of the Moon and the Earth - or fascinated by the inner life of cats.

Tohby Riddle is the author and  is an international award-winning author, illustrator, and cartoonist, living in Katoomba, NSW, Australia. He has a number of well-loved picture books and Illustrated books to his name including Nobody Owns the Moon and Unforgotten.

Allen and Unwin are the publishers, based in Australia, you can buy their books all over the world.


Books Go Walkabout are great supporters of Allen and Unwin as they deliver stories across the world and make good books available globally.  They are worth checking out for their range and quality of books, especially Picture Books for young children and for older children too.

As a good start to our Summer Hols in the UK, try The Astronaut’s Cat and whilst some of us are still locked down inside it’s a great reminder of being thankful for what we have.

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