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Where’s Baby Elephant? By Ali Khodai

Cover image of Where's Baby Elephant?
Bright, bold and engaging...

A beautiful, interactive, picture book searching for a baby elephant, and who could ever lose a baby elephant!

On a journey of discovery, the flaps on the pages bring you to all sorts of animal families,through the first and the second folds per page. There is a lion and his cubs, a hedgehog and her hoglets, an orangutan and her baby and many others. One by one they tell you, 'they haven’t seen Baby Elephant. '"She’s not under the sea” says the shark, “ It’s too cold for her here, “ says the penguin until the bear finally says that she knows where baby Elephant is!

Young children will love turning the flaps, refolding them and seeing an animal on every fold as they work through the book eventually finding the baby elephant.

Where’s Baby Elephant? is a stunning addition to the Tiny Owl list of picture books which are innovative and fun for younger children. The book is beautifully produced in hard back form and is strong enough to survive many, many turning pages by busy hands. Tiny Owl is an independent publishing company committed to producing beautiful, original books for children. Established in 2015, it continues to have  energy and passion which stem from their belief that stories are bridges to new experiences.

Ali Khodai as illustrator and now author, brings a whole new dimension to picture books and his illustrations are bold and engaging. His previous book with Tiny Owl was

Dolphin Book Blog brings you picture books which have something special, or tell a different story with a quality young children love. They are page turners and in the case of Where’s Baby Elephant give you the chance to explore time and time again.

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