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Nina’s Amazing Gift and Samira’s Wish  


Two new titles in the Buzzy Reads series from Wacky Bee Publishers.

Both books are early readers and are perfect for children moving from phonic schemes into reading for pleasure. The design of the books is brilliant, they are small enough to keep children’s interest and the content is full of interest and big stories. The illustrations are really engaging and full of fun and intrigue.

Samira’s Wish, which is the third book in the series( Covid19 had delayed the printing of the books earlier in the year) tells the story of Samira when her grandparents come to visit. Samira decided  she would make them a breakfast of beans on toast. But this means a trip to the corner shop, where there is only one tin  of beans left. This is a tin of magic beans where a wish comes true with every mouthful and soon her grandparents are just part of the whole magic event.

There are fun facts about baked beans at the end of the book, what a great idea!

The author is Saviour Pirotta and illustrator is Valeria Szucs, great talent and I look forward to more of their books.




Nina’s Amazing Gift! Is the fourth book in the Buzzy Reads series. Apparently the illustrations were made with real chocolate and that gives you an idea about the story. There is a cooking competition and Nina uses the amazing beans to take part and creates chocolate! There is a recipe for chocolate brownies and some really interesting information at the end of the book. The illustrations are full of character and fun and along with the text layout, make this a perfect book for new readers.

Maja Lunde is a Norwegian author of enormous talent and has written many children's and adult books. The illustrator  is Hans Jorgen Sandnes    and he has brought the characters to life with enormous fun.

I love these books and look forward to more in the series and recommend for children aged, 5-7 who are ‘taking off’ with reading.


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