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Best Test by Pippa Goodhart and illustrated by Anna Doherty


‘Oooo, look at that!’ said Bird, ‘ A strawberry for me to peck.’ When Frog asks why it should be for Bird, he replies, ‘ Because I’m the best’

 A challenge arises between all the creatures to see who can be the best in all sorts of things from colouring pictures, running races, to making funny faces. Mouse, snail, frog, shrew, rat and snail all tried hard to be the best but which of them won the strawberry? They were all surprised and me too!

A delightful picture book from Pippa Goodhart and Anna Doherty, Best Test is the exciting second instalment from creators of much-loved Fair Shares. It encourages the value of everyone’s unique talents and the importance of teamwork.

Pippa Goodhart has written over a hundred children’s books, including prize-winning picture book, You Choose, plus the Winnie the Witch series under her pen name Laura Owen.

Anna Doherty is an author and illustrator from Scotland, now living in Cambridge. Anna has  a wonderful talent at illustrating picture books and showing the characters of each of the animals. Her books include Ideas for Curious Minds and The Bronte’s.

Tiny Owl have a first-class reputation for producing beautiful and inspiring books and offer a very diverse book list which is perfect for all schools.

Best Test is published on 8th April 2021 and we are delighted to be sharing this book with someone aged two, this very weekend.

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