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Howler Monkey was one of the best climbers in the whole jungle.

He could swing, he could climb. He could impress his family and he show his friends just how to do amazing tricks in the trees.

And then one day, he fell. He damaged his tail which helped him to climb and swing so well.

He finds himself in despair and as the picture turn to a sepia tone, a older monkey talks with Howler Monkey about all the things he enjoyed about climbing and swinging, and do you know what he could still do some of those.

“ What a smart little monkey you are. Keep on being the best you can be. “says the older monkey.

Monkey’s Tail is the  third inspiring story from Alex Rance,the Tiger & Friends picture book series. This is a celebration of self-belief, family and caring for others by AFL Premiership player, Alex Rance, and talented children's book illustrator, Shane McG.

Howler Monkey was one of the best climbers in the whole jungle - until the day he landed on his tail with a big thump. He kept smiling and playing with his friends, but on the inside, he was very sad... What if he could never climb again? Can Howler Monkey get his confidence back and reset his sense of self? A gorgeous picture book about resilience and change, sharing worries and staying positive.

Alex Rance has played 200 games for the Richmond Tigers. The last three years have seen him experience the highs of a drought-breaking AFL premiership in 2017 and the lows of a season-ending knee injury in 2019. These experiences have inspired him to write his picture books Tiger's Roar (2018) and Rabbit's Hop (2019) and Monkey's Tail (2020). Using his passion for education and storytelling he hopes to inspire the next generation to realise their dream.

 Shane McG is an award-winning picture book illustrator. He has also exhibited in London and Melbourne.

Allen and Unwin are the Australian publishers making a big difference to children’s books through style, content and just choosing some great titles.

Monkey’s Tail is a book for sharing and reading alone at home and at school. I love it and it's great to be able to buy in the UK.

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