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'Doctor' is part of the Busy People series from QED publishing. An excellent series for understanding the need for people who help us. A great book to have for Early Years Settings and in the home. This edition is available in hardback and paperback.

Children love to read and find out what will happen at the doctors. Doctor Miranda looks at Olivia, who needs an X-Ray and then Jimmy who has spots on his tongue.

Going to see the doctor is something all children do and this book will explain the reasons, next steps,  medicines needed and possible visits to the hospital.

The illustrations from Ando Twin are beautifully clear and text from Lucy M. George easy to read.

Children will also love to explore reading with this book and find letters and words that they recognise.

   At the end of the book there is a description of the other things that Doctor Miranda does, pictures of things she needs and information about other helpful people at the doctors.

Definitely recommend this book and the Busy People series. Other books are Vet, Firefighter,Teacher.

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