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Working with young people and digital technology

slaThe London branch of the School Library Association met at Highgate School on the evening of November 9th. The meeting was held in the oak panelled hall and was a contrast to the new age title of the talk , ' Engaging with children in a digital way', which was presented by Ruth Harrison from The Reading Agency.

readLots of different projects that the Reading Agency are involved in show that this is a really exciting time for the development of communication and access to written texts. Young people have a myriad of ways that they are already accessing written material digitally. For libraries and schools there are lots of benefits and also some concerns, especially around the uploading of material written onto a school website, for example, by young people.

This would seem to be a very valid point but maybe there are other ways that we can encourage young people to write and express their thoughts.

As part of our work with children and literacy we are always interested in new ways of engaging with children and young people. Very keen to be part of the developing 'apps' movement.  Just the start of a new way of working and so much scope for broadening horizons.

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