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The Night Dragon - cover image and web link
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On top of a very high mountain in a land far away, lived a dragon…

Maud, the dragon was very colourful and lived with four other dragons who were scary, ferocious and brave. Every night they flew in the sky and turned the sky black.

Maud was not that kind of dragon, in fact she was a non-flying, rainbow-coloured, friendly dragon. Her one friend was Mouse.

This is a beautiful story of courage, friendship, and overcoming your fears.

The Night Dragon, Maude and mouse - image and web link
Buy this book here...with free delivery

Maud and mouse conquer the flying in the sky together and the sky becomes full of colours of the rainbow just as the sun goes down.

When you next see a beautiful sunset, remember Maude! From the very first page you join this  dragon on the edge of her world.

Naomi Howarth is from Scotland and first worked in the film industry, going on recently to work with illustrations in children’s books, using lithographs and water colours. Naomi’s books tell timeless and meaningful tales that engage young readers to think about the inspiring wonder of the natural world. In 2014 Naomi won a prize on  the inaugural Picture Hooks mentoring programme and was mentored by Catherine Rayner.

The Night Dragon on edge of mountain

Lincoln Children’s Books, an imprint of The Quarto Group, are the publishers and The Night Dragon, to be published on 2nd August 2018, joins their list of high quality children’s books.


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