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Ghostscape by Joe Layburn

ghostscapeGhostscape is the first novel of Joe Layburn. (Amazon link)

Joe works as a teacher in London's East End, a far cry from his time as a journalist and televsion reporter. But maybe there are lots of connections between his book and what he had to report for the TV.

Ten year old Aisha is trying to make a life in London's East End. But she had lived in Somalia and had seen war and dead bodies. Now she was just a girl in a headscarf.

But she had never seen a ghost before, well that was about to change.....

An exciting time slip novel when Aisha is transported back to the Blitz in the 1940's.

In a world full of changes Aisha comes to rely more and more on her new ghost friend and together they work it out. But you should read the book, its really a great story.

This quotation taken from the first chapter of Ghostscape, called Bombs and Bullies, gives a little idea of the feelings the book fosters.

"Don't let her get you down,  Aisha. You're worth more than that." I liked that.  He was right.  I was worth something.  I fell asleep, leaning against him, still with a smile on my face."

Ghostscape, written by Joe Layburn and illustrated by John Williams is published by Frances Lincoln, first edition in August 2008.

Joe is a great author to have working with children and is part of a team delivering workshops directly with Year 6 children in Newport Primary School, Leyton, East London. This is part of LeytonStories, an exciting new initiative bringing children's books direct into the community.

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