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Dolphin Bookshelf

basketBooks for Children's Centres and Communities

A new project!!!

We wanted a place for books to be part of the Centre, there for children and families.

Space to sit and read together.

Time to look and to buy a book, or simply to have a chance to read in comfort when the children are happy too.

DolphinBookshelf also supports the Centre by giving a discount on all books sold.

Contributing to sustainability.

It links to a whole range of literacy ideas and projects too. It will help the Centre to keep literacy at the heart of its work, and bring a whole new world into the supp

Brought to you by Dolphin Booksellers, part of SmithMartin Partnership LLP as an initiative to bring books into Children’s Centres and community buildings.

The pilot project has started. It is going well and centres are adapting the way of presenting books depending on the setting. Some have the basket right at the reception so parents can buy straight away. Others take the baskets and books as part of story time sessions.

Let us know if you are interested, they are great books in a basket made from English willow from a charity working with the homeless - so it's a winner all round.

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