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London Book Fair 2011

lbfMore books than you could ever imagine under one roof! We went along on our annual trip to the bookfair at Earl's Court in London.

From ebooks to publishers,and with representations from countries across the world we had to start with a coffee before we could even plan a route through the stands of the London Book Fair Lots of information and ways to make books and reading accessible for everyone. We met with Frances Lincoln publishers, who produce some excellent children's books and are renowned for their leading work in diversity and culturalism.

The producers of ebooks were especially interesting and the team from California were great as they were prepared to help, " We can do anything". a great perspective on working life and definitely a way forward.

The stand for Australia was next to Abu Dhabi, quite a contrast, but two countries with diverse ethnic groups and attitudes, side by side. Interesting conversations on the Children's Book Council in Australia and on the Abu Dhabi Bookfair 2011.What a joy to work with children's books and to see just how far stories and information can spread. What better way to bring cultures and people together.

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