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City Atlas by Martin Haake and Georgia Cherry

City Atlas30 Best Loved cities around the word are brought to life in this wonderful fact finding atlas, the layout, illustrations and text are really engaging.

It is so much more than an atlas, the text is full of bite size pieces of information about the city and the images are unique. It's a really large book too and is very tactile cover. Take a look at...

Istanbul's page- look out for lamps at the Grand Bazaar, make a wish at the Basilica Cistern.

Mexico City - Rent roller skates in Mexico Park, put a trip to the ancient city Teotihuacan at the top of your list.

There are also things to find on each page, which will get you and the children searching through the illustrations.

City Atlas, from one of our favourite publishers, Wide Eyed Editions and written by Georgia Cherry and illustrated by Martin Haake

We recommend this book for 7- 9 years.

Can be bought on the book link for £16.99

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