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My Little Book about Me

My Little Book about Me
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This is a really good series of books from QED and My Little Book about Me written by Angela Royston is an excellent addition to this series.

It brings together pictures and information about the body which is easily accessible for young children in Reception and Key Stage 1, at school, and into Key Stage 2. It's also a really useful book for the bookshelves at home.

Each page is a separate section, such as The world and me... which explains how we use our senses and bodies to see, taste, smell,speak and listen. The page on Inside my head describes the brain like a super computer with over 100 billion tiny nerve cells and only takes to 2% of the body weight and 20% of the body energy! An amazing fact!

There are lots of other books in the series, weather, ocean life, space, sharks, emergency vehicles. trains, volcanoes, rocks, minerals and gems. In fact, they cover about everything you might need to know if you are aged about 6 yrs old!

And in school, a library or at home they will be really interesting to have for children from the ages of about 4 - 8 years old.

At a retail price of around £7.99 they are a good buy in this hardback edition.

Sue Martin      Dolphin Booksellers

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