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50 Things you Should Know about…Space…Wild Weather

50 Things you should know about Wild Weather
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50 Things you should Know about Wild Weather is written by Anna Claybourne and published by QED Publishing.

It's part of the 50 Things You Should Know About series, which makes facts come alive. It gives intriguing information with diagrams, photos and text which jump out of the page creating a great platform for all readers.

50 Things You Should Know About Wild Weather has a double page as a complete section, eg. hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones. This explains how hurricanes work, the eye of a hurricane and some examples of storm damage from 2012. It shows that as our seas warm up, more hurricanes are likely to happen as the trigger temperature is reached more frequently, a scary but true aspect of climate warming.

50 things you should know about space Cover Image
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50 Things You Should know about Space is the same excellent format and is written by Professor Raman Prinja, only just published in June 2016.

Learn about the wonders of the universe, from planets, comets and asteroids to galaxies and black holes.

Discover how stars are born and take a tour of the Solar System and future space travel.

Packed with facts, illustrations and infographics and photos with a full glossary and index.

You can find out exactly what goes on at the International Space Station, why the earth spins, how big is our galaxy, supernova explosions, the surface of the sun and much more.

Professor Raman Prinja is currently Professor of Astrophysics at Univesity College London and is very keen to bring astronomy to a wider audience.

50 Things You Should Know About series are excellent books to have in schools and at home and in libraries. You can buy them direct priced at £8.99.

Thoroughly recommend them for ages 8 +


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