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A Visit to City Farm by Verna Wilkins, illustrated by Karin Littlewood

A Visit to City Farm
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There is a great story behind A Visit to City Farm, published by  Firetree Books.

The book is the result of close collaboration between the children of Chalkhill Primary School in Wembley and Firetree books.

Chalkhill Primary School are the proud co-publishers and the children's names are included in the book.

Firetree Publishers have received Arts Council funding for the project, a real achievement in the production of such a wonderful book, and a splendid idea.

The story is set in London and we follow the children on their journey from school, 'Coats zipped, rucksacks light, hands free for holding tight'. The class sets off through the noisy traffic and reaches the underground, where the train comes roaring through a deep dark, tunnel.

A Visit to City Farm

At the farm they meet the animals, help to feed some and then enjoy their packed lunches.

'That was the best day ever, said Rainbow class.'

Written by Verna Wilkins, who is a great supporter of diversity in books, which is clearly shown through the children and teachers at Chalkhill Primary, Wembley.

Karin Littlewood is a terrific illustrator and the images are full of character and fun between the children and the animals. Karin also illustrated The Colour of Home by Mary Hoffman.

We recommend A Visit to City Farm for ages 5-7 years, an excellent book  and a very interesting dimension on how to work with children in writing and creative projects.

Sue Martin

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