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The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers

The Night Gardener cover image
The Night Gardener by The Fan Brothers

An amazing book! Captivating from beginning to end. 

I started to read The Night Gardener and flip through the pages, but that was impossible. I had to read every page, I had to look at every illustration.

It is a stunning debut novel from Eric and Terry Fan and published by Frances Lincoln Childrens' Publishers, who always have an eye for a new book and creative qualities. The illustrator uses a mix of ink and graphite mixed with digital techniques and the effects are a mix of traditional sketches and a misty haze of magic.

The story is based on William in the village of Grimloch, as he gazes out of the window with his 1940's cap on his head, to see a commotion outside. There is a tree which has been sculpted into the shape of a wise owl. In the following days, more topiaries appear and soon William's town is full of colour and life and is changed forever.

One night William followed the night gardener to the park and helped him until he fell fast asleep under a tree, he was given a very special present  of a pair of shears!

Eventually the autumn came and the leaves fell off the trees and all the shapes were gone.

" But the people of the small town were never the same."

We thoroughly recommend this book and The Fan Brothers are authors and illustrators to follow.

Suggestion is to buy it now ! Use the link above or order from your library. There is so much in this book that you will come back to it forever.

Sue Martin
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