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ABC Mindful Me

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Mindfulness starts at the very beginning. ABC Mindful Me helps to find peace and happiness using rhymes and wonderful illustrations.

Happiness is a great attribute to have and helps concentration, emotions and dealing with some of life's problems.

'Joy is all around you! Find it in the little things and feel the happiness it brings!'

There is also a section at the end of the book which explains mindfulness and awareness of our world, helping us all to be compassionate and to have a positive attitude. Try the emotion rocks and paint faces showing how you feel, or create a nature collage and use sticks and cones to paint in shapes and patterns.

     Christiane Engel is and award-winning author and illustrator, her two previous titles in this series are ABC Love and ABC Yoga, both of which are really successful.

QuartoKids, the publishers have included ABC MIndfulness in their new titles in March 2018 and we are sure it will be highly successful.

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