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Pink! by Lynne Rickards

What's a penguin to think when he wakes up pink? Patrick is not happy being a pink penguin and he runs away in search of other pink playmates. He travels far across the oceans until the seas are warm and he finds a whole flock of pink flamingos, boys and girls.

Patrick learns that not all friendships are black and white and when he discovers that he can't even stand on one leg to go to sleep, or fly high into the air, he decides to go home. He does find out that his black and white penguin friends are pleased to see him back and he understands the true meaning of friendship is not always related to colour.

Written by Lynne Rickards, who lives in Scotland and comes from Canada, and illustrated by Margaret Chamberlain, Pink is published by Wacky Bee an independent publishers with an inspirational book list, definitely a publisher to watch out for.

A beautifully produced book with a strong message and great to use for young children, we recommend for 3-5 year olds at home and nursery.

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