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The Last Tiger by Petr Horacek

A beautifully illustrated, well told story...

"Deep in the jungle lived a fearless tiger. No other animal was as strong and powerful as he was."

But for all his boldness and strength he could not outfight the cunning human hunters.

He was brought back to be kept in a cage and stared at by inquisitive eyes.

A moving, thought provoking story, superbly illustrated by Petr Horacek, award winning picture book creator, a fable for our time.

It is a moving story about freedom and it addresses conservation and animal rights issues. The glowing, expressive artwork is a powerful imaginative stimulus and is an absolute joy to turnover each special page.

Petr Horacek was born in Prague and moved to England in 1994 after graduating at the Academy of Fine Art. He has created numerous high quality, award winning picture books.

Petr has an interesting article on his blog about inspiration and converting ideas to art work- really great!

Otter-Barry Books is an exciting imprint which publishes amazing books, just like The Last Tiger.

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