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Happy New Year! Let’s get started reading Under the Plum Tree

All the best for 2020  Dolphin Book Blog readers!

Let's get started with a great new book from Tiny Owl Publishers.  This story will take you deep into the rivers and jungles of India, you can sense the heat, the place, the chatter between the other animals. And at the heart of the story you discover that not everyone, or every animal wishes you well all the time!

Under the Plum Tree is part of the One Story, Many Voices  series from Tiny Owl. It is written by Sufiya Ahmed and illustrated by  Reza Dalvand. It is an ancient Indian collection of animal fables from Panachatantra. This engaging story is of a friendship between a monkey and a crocodile,and the story takes you into the Indian jungle, from tree top to river. Mr Magarmach, the crocodile is too old to hunt and tells exciting stories every day about his adventures as a young and fierce crocodile to Miss Bandari, the monkey.

" There were tales of human hunters, pythons and lions, Miss Bandari clapped her hands and listened in wonder at the adventures of the past."

One day they set out together to meet King Crocodile, but all does not go well and they make a hasty retreat!! Mr Magarmach is banished from the swamp...

I love this book, the illustrations are woven around the text and add so much to a gripping tale.

Written by Sufiya Ahmed, who was born in India and lived in the UK since she was a baby.She is now a full-time author. In 2010 Sufiya set up the BIBI Foundation, a non-profit organisation, to arrange visits to the Houses of Parliament for diverse and underprivileged school children.


Reza Dalvand  studied graphic design at the Isfahan University of Fine Arts in Iran, he obtained a master’s degree in illustration at the University of Tehran. An illustrator and author of children’s books, he has published several children’s books in Persian, French, German and Japanese in Asia and Europe.

Tiny Owl is an independent publishing company committed to producing beautiful, original books for children. Established in 2015,their energy and passion stem from a belief that stories are bridges to new experiences.

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