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Astrid Lindgren, Little People, BIG DREAMS

Discover how Astrid Lindgren grew up to become a best loved author, and creator of Pippi Longstocking, the character who never wanted to grow up. 

It is from Frances Lincoln Children's Books, Little People, BIG DREAMS series. We discover that at the age of four, Astrid met a whole new world of giants, fairies as a friend read to her and she discovered books.

Astrid did her best to learn to read as soon as she could, once she had exhausted the local library she started to write her own books. There was no stopping Astrid and she wrote many books including the much acclaimed stories of Pippi Longstocking.

Published  on March 3rd, this book is just in time for World Book Day on 5th March. It is a wonderful autobiography of Astrid Lindgren and contains a time line of important aspects of her life. There are now over 36 titles in the Little People, BIG DREAMS series and they are a great collection for any school or home.

Isabel Sanchez Vegara is the author and  she is excited by new concepts in children's' books and a creative way to enhance active learning.

Linzie Hunter is the illustrator, with a wealth of experience, including work for Apple, BBC and The Guardian. The illustrations are endearing and full of character.

A moving book, with a story to match with stylish and quirky illustrations, a great addition to the series and a great book for World Book Day.

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