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Only a Tree Knows How to be a Tree by Mary Murphy

Trees, dogs, fishes, birds, water... they are all themselves. yet they fit together to make our living world. Mary Murphy's simple and beautiful words and pictures bring alive our the wonderful variety of our planet and the special nature of every living thing... including you!

Only a tree knows how to be a tree! But trees are just the start and everything and everyone is different with a special place in our world and shared lives together.This is a really exciting book with a simple yet profound message . Each page is beautifully illustrated  and I love the page of the earth and the animals, oceans and rivers.

Mary Murphy is an author/illustrator with a special gift for children' books and has been published across the world, including Japan, Mexico, Sweden and Taiwan.She studied in Dublin and has an Advanced Diploma in visual Communication, which is a huge part of her books.

Otter-Barry are the publishers of a wide and diverse range of books and Only a Tree Knows how to be a Tree is part of their wonderful collection of children's books for younger readers.


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