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The Jackie Morris Book of Classic Nursery Rhymes

Beautiful, lyrical, imaginative...

Opening this book was like opening a treasure chest, full of beauty and wonderful things. Jackie Morris brings her flair for dreaming and imagination to the world of nursery rhymes.

At a time when much effort is spent in decoding and information; this book is a journey into a creative imagination, to  worlds beyond and characters with such possibilities.


The Jackie Morris Book of Classic Nursery Rhymes, published on September 10th,  brings together 20 nursery rhymes that have been told for generations, such as Sing a Song of Sixpence  and Pop! Goes the Weasel. The exquisite illustrations by Jackie are complete works of art in themselves and you can be completely lost in the pictures for hours!

Children of course enjoy the books as much as I do and will find favourite  rhymes and pages to share with their parents at bedtimes. My favourite page is probably Grey Goose.

Jackie Morris is the illustrator and compiler of the collection. Jackie's fame has risen to new heights with the immense success of The Lost Words, for which she won the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal in 2019. She has numerous books in her portfolio and the illustrations always  tell as much of the story and adventure that lies in the words. In Jackie's introduction to the book she writes about the importance of nursery rhymes, for listening and feeling, and as the geography of childhood.

Otter-Barry Books are the publishers,  they have worked with Jackie Morris for many years.  They have an exciting range of books in their published lists. Check their website for a full list of options.

I  will enjoy having this book in my library and sharing with children around me, and then again, I may just spend time with it myself!

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