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Once Upon a Mermaid’s Tail by Beatrice Blue

Mermaid's Tail - cover image
Beautiful graphics...

'Theodore took the deepest breath he could and then he jumped in'.

Theodore had gone fishing and found the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. So he took Oceanne home and tried to keep her but she had to go back to the ocean. And so Theodore jumped in...

A beautiful story about a boy who just likes fishing and caught a tiny creature in a beautiful shell, but she just gets weaker and weaker. Until she is back in the ocean and released from her glass bowl when the other fish gather round to help this mermaid have a beautiful mermaid's tail.

A stunningly beautiful book, both the story and illustrations. Created by Beatrice Blue who is a freelance illustrator living in Montreal, Quebec, working in animation and children's picture books. She has an appealing technique and  Once Upon a Mermaid's Tail, follows Once Upon a Unicorn Horn as real signs of great talent.

Publishers are Frances Lincoln  Children's Books, part of Quarto Knows, a great portfolio of beautiful and  inspirational books for children.

I will keep this book close on my bookshelf and read to any young people who one day may come and visit.


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