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Human Town by Alan Durant and Anna Doherty

An exciting new book which turns things around. Human Town looks at the world from the animal or elephant’s perspective and sees just what we have done with the world.

‘Can we go to Human Town? Please, Mum!’ Junior cried.

‘I suppose so, ‘said Mum. ‘But I think you might find it boring. There aren’t many humans left, you see.’

As we follow Junior and his elephant family into Human Town, it becomes clear that humans have caused major issues which have led to them becoming extinct! A creative thought that is not as funny as it first seems!

Hidden meanings and daring truths are at the core of Human Town. A book which is beautifully illustrated with engaging text. As you read it, you begin to explore the whole concept of global pollution.

Alan Durant has written over 100 books for children, from picture books to young adult thrillers. He is  an inspirational speaker at schools and festivals in the UK,

Anna Doherty, is the illustrator and lives in Scotland, where she admits she has too many pencils and loves underwater swimming without breathing, well as far as she can.

Tiny Owl Publishing have another wonderful edition in Human Town to add to their exciting and diverse picture book collections.

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