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I love My Cat by Simon Mole, illustrated by Sam Usher

Such a great book! Everyone who has ever had a cat, knows they are the best characters ever.

I love my cat. That shiny black fur. That tiny white ring, that goes right round the tip of her tail, I think it means she might be magic!’

Her name is Aditi or Adie, Adie Adster, she can climb up walls, open the door and do all sorts of magic things. She is perfect , well nearly. One day whilst helping her best friend the little girl, to eat her toast, she just digs her claws in  tooooo hard! And the little girl shouts.

Adie,Adie, Adster goes outside. But she doesn’t come back that day or that night or for a whole week. Everyone is very worried. Until one day, hiding behind the pots in the garden she reappears as if nothing has happened.

A beautiful story and a beautiful book, perfect for those of us with a ‘cat of character' at home.

Simon Mole, the author, has some great video clips and amazing online writing workshops. Definitely a good opportunity for teachers!

Sam Usher, the illustrator has created  fantastic images of the family, the cat  and brings the story to life with illustrations which flow with the story.

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, part of the Quarto Group have an exciting portfolio of children’s books and I Love my Cat is a great addition.

Published on July 5th, this book is one to buy for the summer hols.

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