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The Lucky Red Envelope Vikki Zhang

Get ready for Lunar New Year, following a young girl and her family as they get ready for and celebrate the Lunar New Year festival.

A stunning book with so much visual information, set around a young Chinese girl called Yue. Perfect for children around the world to celebrate and understand the beauty and joy of the Chinese New Year.

With non-fiction information about the significance of certain rituals, but told through the excited eyes of a child, this is a book to return to year after year in the run up to the biggest festival in the Chinese calendar.

The author/illustrator  Vikki Zhang  has amazing creative talents and her children's books are a part of a wider interest in design.

Each of the 12 double pages features 12 lift flaps, that's 144 in total!
Such as...
- Yue decorates the house with lucky red decorations
- Tidying the house to welcome in the new year
- Watching a special firework display
- Discovering which animal year it will be
- Making festive dumplings with Nainai (grandma)
- Reading a story about the zodiac with Yeye (grandpa)
- Watching a lion and dragon dance in the town square
- Making offerings to her ancestors
- And on the very last spread, a traditional family reunion new year on the eve of Lunar new year and exchange lucky red envelopes.

This book is as special as the little red envelopes children in China receive with many gifts.

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