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Bear’s Lost Glasses by Leo Timmers

Bear can’t find his glasses. He must have left them at Giraffe’s house. On the way over, Bear sees all kinds of animals he didn’t notice last time: an elephant, a crocodile, a flamingo, a deer. And who’s this long spotty snake lying on Giraffe’s deckchair?

The patient Giraffe finds Bear’s glasses—right where glasses always get lost, perched on his head.  Then Bear takes Giraffe to meet these wondrous animals that he found on the way.

Leo Timmers’ details are full of expression and humour—the angle of Giraffe’s neck and lift of his eyebrows, hiding his scepticism as he helps his friend, the dear, artless bear. Through an ingenious telling of this classic comical situation, he shows us how to enjoy the world through different eyes.

Guess where Bear's glasses are? A brilliant way of enabling children to be another character, walk in Bear's shoes, because he really does think he has lost his glasses!

A simple tale yet so true, where are things when we lose them? Thanks to Gecko Press for a beautiful book.

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