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Discover some of the baby animals that begin their life in an egg. It isn't just chicks! 

Who is in the Egg? takes an amazing journey to all sorts of animals and birds that start in an egg; there is the ostrich whose egg is so strong that a human could stand on it and it wouldn't break, or an alligator who creeps out into the swamp and if the eggs are warm they will be boys and if cold they will  be girls!

The illustrations are beautiful, they are clear and appealing and will be a great treat for all children, young or old. The detail in the pictures has been carefully created and will give lots of ideas to budding artists.

Alexandra Milton wrote and illustrated the book. after studying art in Germany and now living in London drawing inspiration from her father and grandfather Wolfram and Erwin Aichele.

Boxer Books have published the book and it is part of a beautifully crafted portfolio of books in the Art of Storytelling.

I look forward to sharing this book with some little ones, but I may just spend more time on each page gazing at the pictures, whilst they will want to be finding who is the next baby in the egg.

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