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Taming the lion that roars deep within you! This is a picture book with a difference. In Timmy’s room, they could be just what they wanted to be, dress in sparkly costumes and sing until their heart soared. But when asked to perform at the school Timmy became withdrawn and that lion roared and roared.  A friend, called Nia came to the rescue and supported Timmy in all the shyness and fear. The lion’s roar is quelled, and Timmy realises that the lion is frightened too.

Beautifully descriptive with wonderful illustrations, a truly imaginative and engaging book about starting new ventures and being a small person with a big heart. A roaring lion can prevent anyone from being filled with adventure and good ideas.

Written and illustrated by Harry Woodgate, Timid joins other brilliant titles from Harry, such as Grandad’s Pride and Grandad’s Camper which won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize for Best Illustrated Book 2022

Published on Oct 13th 2022, by Little Tiger Press. Timid joins a wonderfully imaginative and engaging portfolio of books from Board Books to Chapter books.

Timid is perfect for home, school and nursery. With its vibrancy and uplifting story centred on a non binary main character. I shall definitely be taking this book to schools with me!

Sue Martin Children’s Literacy Specialist

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