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Africa is a treasure chest, too." Tante James says. ' Full of fruit and spice and precious wood like ebony. For thousands of years, trades sailed across the Red Sea to buy frankincense resin to make perfume.'

An incredibly insightful book about the importance of culture and a sense of belonging. A visit to the Trinidad for Paloma and her family starts conversations about how people from Africa first came to the Caribbean. They brought with them a few belongings like the combs that they still use.

At first Paloma doesn't feel she belongs, how can it be her family when they can't even understand what she is saying? But Tante Janet reassures her that the African family goes back thousands of years, to beyond a time when they were fighting the Romans!

Through the beautiful illustrations and engaging text on each page, this book draws you in to this amazing story of people, families and relationships through time.

Rachel Williams, co-publisher and managing director, acquired world rights from Caroline Sheldon at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency. The picture book will be published in August. 

 Williams said: “Unflinching yet uplifting, Patrice’s story takes us through the dark days of colonisation and enslavement, to the emergence of a thriving, contemporary Africa of many faces, places and triumphs. A book every family should have to understand how the human story starts in Africa.   As quoted in  The Bookseller

Patrice Lawrence, the author grew up in a house of books and knew how important they are to understanding so much.' Words build worlds. Words create people,' says Patrice. Booktrust article 2019 The Book That Made Me: Patrice Lawrence

Jeanetta Gonzales, the illustrator, has captured the feel and message of this story perfectly. She has a huge wealth of illustrations and hugely talented.

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Highly recommend this stunning book. I keep finding new and amazing quotes in each page!

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