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Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland
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Up the Creek.

There once was a bear, a moose and a beaver who were the best of friends, though they often disagreed.

A journey up  river is not the best time to argue about who is steering and who is rowing, as these chums set  out on a journey across rapids and  fast flowing currents.

They finally agree  and make the journey in the canoe to the end of the rapids. Once out of the water they have lunch and decide on the best route home, that's by walking!

A great story about friendship, cooperation and adventure. Nicholas Oldland is the writer and illustrator and the characters come to life in the pictures and the words.

It is from a new publishing house, Pikku Books, based in the UK, with a Finnish background. They are an engaging team with a passion to share in good books with good stories, and new writers, often from afar.


The Busy Beaver
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The Busy Beaver also by Nicholas Oldland and published by Pikku Books is part of the Life in the Wild series.

The beaver is so busy working and cutting trees down he doesn't notice all the damage he has made. That is until one day when he finds himself on the wrong side of a falling tree. Landing in hospital with bandages and wounds makes him think and he decides to do things differently.

He hauls off trees which were strewn across the fields, he used broken branches to fix leaking dams and he planted saplings to replace the trees that he has felled.

A delightful story and the Life in the Wild series would make a great purchase for home and school,  lots to talk about and share, lots to do research on and explore the worlds of beavers, moose and bears.

   Books can be bought direct from Dolphin or through Pikku publishers. We are really pleased to be working with this new publishing team in promoting good quality books that you can't always find in the stores.

Sue Martin

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