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Turtles, Snakes and Other Reptiles - cover image and web link
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Budding naturalists will love this small encyclopedia, packed with pictures and info. 

Turtles, Snakes and Other Reptiles is part of a series of large pocket size books on all manner of things. Bite size pieces of information include things like, the sea turtle is an ocean wanderer and travels 8000 kilometres in search of food.

On each page there is a section called Do You Know, with bullet points of info that are easily remembered and A Closer Look, which details facts about the creatures.There are pages for instance on sea turtles, giant tortoises, iguanas, chameleons, geckos, snakes and crocodiles.

After the introduction, which has a very clear description of animal and reptile names, you will come across the family and species sections with colourful pages inclduing photos and illustrations.

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Turtles, Snakes and Other Reptiles is written by natural history expert Dr Amy Jane Beer with illustrations by Alice Pattullo. The series is published by Lincoln Children's Books in collaboration with The Natural History Museum, London.

Dr Amy-Jane Beer has a career in science,writing about ideas and results from her work in biology, knowing that the natural world will never cease to puzzle, amaze and entrance. Her website is brilliant, and excellent blog Wild Story.

A great, colourful read - packed with information!

Alice Pattullo is an illustrator based in East London. She explores British tradition, folklore and superstitions making limited edition screen prints  for sale in galleries across the UK.

This book will take you both into the countryside in England and to further shores, such as Northern Australia, a great book to have. Recommended for ages 6-8 years,  and of course for  adults too!!

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