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Astrid loves stars and space and whilst her Mum is away, Astrid and her Dad have fun acting out some of the challenges that an astronaut might face in space.

In a near zero-gravity environment many things are different; does your food stay on the plate, where do you leave your clothes or do they just wander through the space with you?

Fortunately, Astrid feels she is very well prepared and can do all the things that her Dad asks her about,

‘What about eating food out of a tube or a packet every day?’

“I can do that,” says Astrid, munching a cereal bar.

At the end of the story, there is a great surprise for Astrid when she goes to meet her Mum as she returns home. She is dressed in a space suit and carrying a space helmet,Astrid is dead impressed when she learns her Mum has been in space?

The last page in the book gives some facts about space travel, such as astronaut comes from two Greek words, Astro meaning star and Nautes meaning sailor! It includes a number of women who have travelled in space and this is probably more than you would think.

Astro Girl is a great book for sharing and for young children to look at over and over again, the illustrations also by Ken Wilson-Max are brilliantly appealing and colourful. Published by Otter-Barry Books, Astro Girl is part of a number of books that are great fun to read and excellently presented.

Space, adventure, love of our planets and solar system are all of huge interest to young children and to adults too. This book will enable children and parents to talk with each other and build stories and pictures around all sorts of space travel…. And who knows some of it may just happen one day!

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