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A world full of colours through the  seasons in many diverse places. Celebration of the vibrancy of colour waiting to be found in all corners of the world.

From the white hot sands of the Sahara Desert to the soft pink blossoms of the Japanese countryside.

Colours to astound us at every corner, captured in text and illustration  in this beautiful book.

This book is a journey across the world,  Australia. the Antarctic and the Amazon for starters, children will be able to discover places and become travellers. There are many places to visit , full of fascinating creatures and scenery all with colourful theme matching the place. Red London buses and  green  rice fields in Vietnam .

Ben Lerwill, is an award winning travel writer who lives in Oxfordshire and had written for many travel magazines and websites, including National Geographic, Time Out and BBC Travel. It is great to see his work for children and the globe.

Alette Straathof lives  in Paris and grew up in a small town in the Netherlands and studied illustration at Willem de Kooning Academy. She was awarded a top illustration award in the Netherlands in 2019. What a joy to see her work in this children's book.

Words and Pictures , publishers, make imaginative and entertaining books for younger readers. opening the door to their imagination. One World, Many Colours certainly does this.

One of the most beautifully produced books for 2020 and as we are all grounded by a lack of travel and virus isolation this book is just right for the whole family to share and to love. And my copy is staying at home with me!

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