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A Walk on the Wild Side by Louis Thomas
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Join the adventure to see animals around the world.  A brilliant new book, published in September 2016 from Frances Lincoln Children's Books.

This is an epic, action packed journey across some of the world's most incredible habitats and brings a colourful cast of 65 animal friends, all captured in fine detail by wildlife lover Louis Thomas.

The book is set  out in individual pages for each animal and illustrations by Louis which capture the character as well as the detail of the animal. Each page has a description and is written from a young boy adventurer who journeys across the planet.

Did you know, for instance, that the green iguana is like humans? It likes to be around others of its own kind and it's friendly. A striking difference is that it searches for food in the trees and drinks water from raindrops on flowers and leaves!

As you move from farm to ocean and from jungle to grassland, you'll discover how every creature on earth has one thing in common... they are unique.

Throughly recommended for ages 7 and above at home and in school.

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