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Have you ever thought about the length of time that rocks and boulders have been around?

From the beginning of time in effect and its only in recent years, geologically speaking, that people have been around to walk to the highest mountains and climb indomitable peaks.

Rock and Roll are two boulders looking happily onto the world. However, when the people come and award them with gifts and adornments, they become jealous of each other. They complain to the wind and the clouds who are unhappy to hear about the feud between them. In fury they make a storm,  boulders fall from their perch, losing all of their possessions.

The boulders, now broken into rocks and stones, finally realise that what they own is not as important as who they love.

The author and illustrator, Hazel Terry, lives in Edinburgh and her style is eclectic and inspiring. Each page of this beautiful picture book is inspired by fossil patterns such as ferns or clams. Hazel wants to show that all life is interconnected, precious and important. By talking through the boulders, Rock and Roll the book  has a sense of the length of time that rocks have been on this earth and the short time that humans have been involved.

Tiny Owl are the publishers and have an amazing portfolio of books,  packed with meaning, full of inspirational illustrations and text. Rock and Roll is a wonderful addition to their new books with publication on 9th September 2021

This is a Picture Book appropriate for all ages and is a great way to be reflective and concerned for how we live on this planet.


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