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Humperdink arrives at the children's playgroup.

He is not quite the same as the others and he can't play all their games, although he is very friendly.

But dressing up is a problem and hide and seek is just a disaster, even if he keeps his eyes shut!


But one day he tries the children's slide, which is their favourite thing in the whole playgroup and he is so big that he breaks it. So sad!

He is good at other things though, like follow my leader, and carrying all the children on his back for a ride.

In the end all the children love Humperdink and  know just what he can do best.

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A beautiful book, and it will help children to know that we are not all the same and  our differences can be the best thing for us all. recommend for children from 1- 4 years at home and in the Nursery

Written by award-winning author Sean Taylor and illustrated by award-winning illustrator Claire Alexander, Humperdink is a great new title from  publishers, Words and Pictures.


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