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Fern decides that she can find the joy that has gone out of Nanna's life and bring it back for her. Off she sets with a net, a box and a bag, in fact all that she needs to return the joy to Nanna.

It seems easy to find joy but quite another thing to bring it back in a bag. Fern tries to catch the chuckles of a baby on a swing, the sparkles on the duck pond, all of which fill her with joy. But she can't get them into her bag!

Nanna listens as Fern tells her all the things she has seen. And then a smile breaks out across Nanna's face, she can feel the joy at last.

Beautifully told and stunningly illustrated this book will always be one to share and to read time and again.

Joy - buy this book, image and web link
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The author is Corrinne Averiss, and she has written many thoughtful and humorous  books for children, as well as working with TV series, such as children's BAFTA winning Share a Story competition.

Isabelle Follath, the illustrator lives in Switzerland, and Joy is her debut children's book. The pictures are beautiful, and colour washes and ink drawings are very moving.

Words and Pictures are the publishers, who have an exciting book list, making innovative and entertaining books for younger readers that open the door to their imagination.

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