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We were delighted to receive two great books from Sunbird Books and delighted to share them with our Dolphin Book Blog readers.  Sunbird Books is the home for innovative and original books for children. From board books to storybooks (and everything in between!), titles represent strong, lively, and diverse voices that reflect children’s realities and feed their imaginations while nurturing up-and-coming writers and illustrators from around the world.

Stuck Inside is written and illustrated by Sally Anne Garland and describes so perfectly this last year through a lockdown winter of being inside at home, when the weather is just too bad to be in the outside. Tilly, the girl and Toby, the dog, share ideas about what to do and create exciting adventures in their imaginations.

Sally Ann Garland grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and after studying illustration and graphic design at Edinburgh College of Art and now lives in Glasgow.

It’s Her Story: Marie Curie is a wonderful Graphic Novel about this trailblazing scientist who discovered radium and set out the term, radioactivity. She was the only woman to have been awarded two Nobel Prizes, for physics and chemistry. As part of a new series; It’s Her Story, the book is in hard back and a handy size with just enough information for ages 6-9 or for anyone interested in this major achievement.

Kaara Kallen is the author , and Rosie Baker the illustrator and  they both capture the achievements that Marie made in the early 1900's

Two great books, we hope you enjoy reading them  and purchase a Sunbird Book, we know they are great publishers of children’s books.

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