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A beautiful book...


Flooded is the funny and beautifully illustrated tale of animals who live in a city that is ever so slowly flooding.

The flood comes gradually at first. There is a sense of poignancy as many of us live in a place where we are slowly watching water levels increase.

All the animals ignore the obvious and go about their busy lives, disjointed from one another and preoccupied by their own problems.
Eventually, the flood water reaches a height that they can no longer ignore and they have to work together to save their city.
All the animals join together in a line and pull out the plug that is drowning the city.

This is an exceptionally illustrated story that teaches a message not to let problems fester and with a little team work and community spirit, no problem is insurmountable. 

Mariajo Ilustrajo is a highly talented Spanish author and illustrator, who lives in London and graduated in 2021 with an MA in Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge.

Flooded is part of an amazing portfolio of children's books Frances Lincoln part of Quarto Knows.

Sue Martin - Children's Literacy Specialist

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