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A recent astonishing discovery was made in the famous Chauvet Cave in France, where  the footprint if a young child was found with a paw print beside it- from 26,000 years ago!

When Mo makes friends with a little wild beast, her family are horrified – wild beasts are dangerous.

But could this wild beast save baby Babba from a hungry lynx and become a friend to the whole family?
And then what would they call him? DOG!

This delightful, heart-warming story about a Stone-Age family and the first dog is inspired by the amazing, recent discovery of a child’s footprint alongside a dog’s pawprint in the Chauvet cave in France – from 26,000 years ago!

Bridget Marzo has published children's books over the world and gives amazing workshops on illustrations into schools and other organisations. She divides her time between Cambridge and France.

Otter-Barry Books is an exciting independent children’s publisher aiming to make a difference, push boundaries and publish books that children will love.



Sue Martin - Children's Literacy Specialist

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