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Books with  stamina! That is sometimes what I call Board Books. Books which can be looked at time and time again, read from front to back or from back to front, even upside down sometimes. Books which can be chewed around the edges too and still stay strong. Books that become favourites and the ‘ go to’ book for your baby/toddler.

Two books that fit it into this entirely and are brilliant books too.



David,  My First, Little People, Big Dreams  by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and part of the series published  by Francis Lincoln, also part of Quarto Knows and called, My First David Attenborough Little People, Big Dreams is a wonderful little board book. Definitely a book with stamina.

It comes with many pictures and text about David Attenborough the world-famous broadcaster and naturalist. Told in simple sentences but packed with information it is perfect to read aloud and explore the pictures too.

Animal Colours by Nikolas Ilic, part of the Happy Yak series from Quarto Knows publishers.

Beautiful engaging images and animals and creatures with colour, from crocodiles are green to an octopus who is purple, this book will be sure to be a firm favourite. The colours are across the rainbow and the creatures are great characters too.


Have fun reading these books together and finding out more about our world with your baby or toddler and watch them explore the books on their own as they turn the pages and gaze at the pictures, remembering some of the words they have heard.

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