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One Cheetah, One Cherry is stunning in design, colour and  use of numbers for counting to ten. It combines maths and art with ease in glorious technicolour! 

Always a joy to have a book by Jackie Morris in your hands. One Cheetah, One Cherry is no exception.

A real winner for Otter Barry Books.


Gold, blue and purple are combined to give  excellent illustrations and works of art, they have wonderful creatures on every page in eclectic settings.

Six bright tigers for instance, playing pat a cake, has six wonderful tigers on their hind legs each with a different friendly smile on their face.

Seven giant pandas with pretty painted parasols, has the seven pandas out of their normal habitat and enjoying each others company.

An otter in a hat! Well fancy that!

A beautiful book to have and to share with others. It is a vividly descriptive book on numbers and will  really support visual memory and understanding. And for the colour and energy of the animals alone this is definitely a book to buy.

Hope you  enjoy the book. Review or buy a copy here.

Sue Martin

Dolphin Booksellers

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