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Please Mr Magic Fish - cover image and web link
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Jack and his wife can't believe their luck when the Magic Fish gives them a pretty little cottage, food to eat and a blue teapot on the table. But they never say thank you and they always want more.

Eventually the fish gets angry with their demands and the sea rages. Jack and his wife should have stopped asking for more because eventually it doesn't go well. Find out what happens, click on the image to buy the book.

Please Mr Magic Fish - image and web link
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This is a beautifully written and illustrated  tale with a fresh and lively re-imagining of this old folk story, by Jessica Souhami. She is an excellent storyteller and artist, using bold colours and characters that leap through the pages.

Published in August 2018, by Otter-Barry Books, this book will make an excellent buy for home and nursery, ages 3-5 years.

Sue Martin

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